Gîte du Rioux

In the Nature Park of Auvergne's Volcanoes...

... The Gîte du Rioux welcome you close by the Puy de Dôme

... At severals Kms of Vulcania ...

... and from the Majestic Lemptegy's Volcano

How to get to Rioux from Paris

Gîte du Rioux is a charming place to stay if you wish to spend your vacation far from the bustle of Paris. Located close to the Atlantic Ocean, this accommodation will give you the opportunity to relax and break the stressful routine of your life. You can have fun exploring castles, hiking on hills, tasting the renowned Bordeaux wines and practicing water sports nearby the sandy beaches. Here is your guide how to arrive to Rioux from Paris.

Car, bus, train or plane?

You can get to Rioux within 5 to 10 hours, depending on the transportation selected. Drive your own rented vehicle on A10, on the route Versailles, Orleans, Tours, Poiters, Saintes, Rioux and spend about $75-$110. You will arrive in 5 hours to your destination, but you should have a few stops and explore the places you will pass by, so your drive will take longer than 5 hours.

Travel by bus on the same route and it will take you 7 hours and a half. This transport will cost you about $100, a little less (with $40 less) than you would spend if you will get to Rioux by train. Yet the train will bring you to your destination in only 4 hours and 50 minutes and you will arrive just in time for a delicious snack at Gîte du Rioux. In case you will travel by plane, you can choose between Paris Orly-Bordeaux, Paris Orly-Limoges, Paris CDG –Nantes and Paris CDG-Bordeaux, but it will cost you around $120-$500, you will spend 8-10 hours on your way and you will have to take the train from where you will land, too.

Whether you choose to travel by car, train, bus or plane, you will find your room prepared for you at Gîte du Rioux. Plan your trip thoroughly, accordingly to your budget and time then get ready for a charming holiday at Gîte du Rioux.