Gîte du Rioux

In the Nature Park of Auvergne's Volcanoes...

... The Gîte du Rioux welcome you close by the Puy de Dôme

... At severals Kms of Vulcania ...

... and from the Majestic Lemptegy's Volcano

What to visit in Charente-Maritime

Book several days at Gîte du Rioux and relax in the heart of nature. If you are an active person and you get bored when staying all day long under the warm French sun, there are many things you can do in Charente-Maritime. Whether you wish to unwind surfing, exploring the beaches, go fishing or admire the displays and art in museums, in Charente-Maritime you can do all of these.

Wander around Charente-Maritime

Head to the relaxing La Rochelle, which is quite different from the glamorous Cote d’Azur. As the capital of the Charente-Maritime, La Rochelle is famous for its Old Port, so make sure you will visit it. Stroll on the narrow streets of the charming old town, pass under mesmerising arcades and admire the main Renaissance building of the town hall. Rent a boat in the vast Minimes port and ride the waves of the Atlantic Ocean.

You will discover the island of Ile de Ré off the coast of La Rochelle, after passing on a 3-km bridge. Lay on the sandy beaches, explore the tiny villages with whitewashed cottages and spend some time in the nature reserve if you enjoy bird watching and you have your equipment. Travel to Paleosite, this interactive museum near Saintes and find amazing facts about the history of the department you visit. After a couple of hours shift to the famous town of Cognac and get a glimpse of some of the old distilleries.

Charente-Maritime is a delightful oasis of peace when you need to step back from the bustle of the city. Taste a delicious wine in the city of Bordeaux, ride a bike round the lakes of Lavaud and Mas-Chaban and navigate on Charente River for a remarkable cruise. Spend at least several days in Charente-Maritime, for there are many other stunning places that must be visited in this French department.